Audio Station doesn't stream to DLNA devices after update and reinstallation

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Audio Station doesn't stream to DLNA devices after update and reinstallation

DS920+ 40Tb, DS415play 16Tb, DS215j 500Gb
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Hello there, I'm new here.

I moved from a DS415play to a 920+. I updated the new system manually as advised.

  • I configured everything but strange things are now happening on my network : Some DLNA devices like my Pioneer BDP-170 are no longer able to read flacs they where able to read before: Format error msg on screen.

  • Sending flac or other format files from Audio Station to any device results in no sound while the file plays silently for a few seconds on the software.
I really must have missed something here.
Which versions of DSM and Audio Station are you running? I’ve a few FLAC files from Blu-ray conversions but I don’t keep them accessible to AS: All my hi-res and CD lossless is ALAC. But I could try out the FLAC this weekend. My DLNA speakers via AS are Denon HEOS but that shouldn’t be relevant.

Does the Pioneer support browsing Media Server and streaming DLNA that way? Just to test that the files work via another route.
Thanks, I just solved my problem configuring device profiles in the device list and gave me all permissions in DSM.

Now playing again (through Pioneer BDP-170) multichannel flacs extracted from multichannel SACDs. :cool: Latest version of every thing.

Next step will be a DSF or DFF playing/rendering device. Any recommendation?
That's good news.

I'm not familiar with device list in AS, but there is one in Media Server's DMA compatibility settings. But AS does have user privileges that need setting for DLNA.

Never got into SACD, all my audio files are stereo. If I want multi-channel audio I'll play the MKV of the concert (Plex -> Apple TV -> Denon) but these days that does mean I have to negotiate for the living room.
I'm planning an upgrade so I'll be able to play multichannel DSD files. I mainly listen to classical music. I 'll have to dl all those iso files again ;-)

The Sony 1080 receiver looks fine but it has been in production for 5 yerars already.
Hi there
i too migrated to DS920 and can now no longer play FLAC or WAV songs via DS Audio on my iphone or iPad to my DENON AVR.
i can via HEOS, via AirPlay, via Chromecast. But not via choosing In the pull down: AVR X3500 (DLNA).
which was my preferred option as I could see the 44kHz and 16 bit sign when playing.

what profile change did you make ? Where? Was that in DMA compatibility? Devices?

You mentioned privileges ? What was that?

hope you can help

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