Audit of Shared Folders

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Audit of Shared Folders

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I made a few shared folders to do some tests. They didn't work as hoped due to firewall restrictions on the the person I was hoping to share with.

I know where they are, so I can deleted them. But I'd like to see a list of all the shared folders on my NAS.

I'd appreciate some help on where to look for this. Also, are there some log file showing who accesses the NAS?

Log center app (Package Center) will give you this info.

Thanks. This helps.

Control Panel > Shared folders (can't you see them there)?

I just see the whole NAS folder. I created some shared links to sub-folders. I'd like to see those.
created some shared links to sub-folders. I'd like to see those
Aha, shared links. Ok for that, use File Station > Tools > Shared links manager

Screenshot 2020-03-25 at 08.47.34.png

EDIT: eh @WST16 beat me to it!

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