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Solved Auto sync files edited on iPad

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I am trying to migrate to using an iPad to replace a laptop for personal and debugging problems. One area I have not been able to fix is auto-sync files updated on iPad back to NAS using Drive. Obviously this works fine on laptop (MacOS or Windows) and I know iPadOS does not manage files in the same way but it is function I really would like.

I can access the files using drive and open them up (eg excel file) but if I change them on iPad I have to manually upload them back to the mothership.

Any way around this?
Guessing you are using Excel on your iPad? Have you tried to open this file by opening Excel 1st and then accessing the file from there and not via the Drive app? I recall that a colleague of mine has a similar problem, but the "workaround" was that when accessing the file from the native app, he would be able to sync changes without uploading it again in comparison when actually opening the file via drive app that then initiated Excel.
Thanks, this is helpful. Are you meaning to open the file on the NAS from excel on the iPad or opening it on the iPad. I have never been sure where in the iPad file structure the Drive files are stored ... if I could do that, then I guess this could work?
I have never been sure where in the iPad file structure the Drive files are stored
Its there just accessing it is a bit "hidden".

So open up Excel and head to "open" icon on the bottom.


02. Now click on the "Files App" that will set you inside your iCloud folder. The trick here is to click the "Browse" button on the top left and that will open up a selection for other system installed apps, like "Drive"


03. Now just select the Drive app and you are good to go.


04. Use it as a destination to open and create new files.


Sync should be instant now upon changes.

Hope it helps
Thanks for this ... getting close but I do not see "Drive" listed in the locations under iCloud Drive->Browse ... I see "On My iPad", "iCloud Drive", "DS file" and "Recently Deleted". Is there something tht needs to be done to see Drive in the locations?
I found how to switch on "Drive" and now visible ... the updating when starting from Excel works great ... thank you for your help ...
I am trying to migrate to using an iPad to replace a laptop for personal and debugging problems.
Glad to see another member moving to the iPad. I’ve been on it for the past few years now.
Just one thing to add since you‘ve managed to figure out how to enable Drive, is to make sure you’re connected to the NAS and Drive sees it, especially if you’re accessing it remotely from far away while traveling oversees for example.
Please check this thread:

I’m using Pages, Numbers and Keynote with Drive with no problems so far. I really like it.

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