Auto uploading of phone pics to DS1621 whilst connected via home WiFi

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Auto uploading of phone pics to DS1621 whilst connected via home WiFi

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Hi all,

I've had my DS1621 for a few years and use it for file storage and as a Plex server.

Whilst at home and connected via WiFi i'd like my phone to upload pictures to a folder on the NAS.

Can anyone point me in step-by-step directions to make this happen?

Many thanks.
Many thanks for your help on this and i've installed the photos app on my phone which are now being uploaded to \\DS1621\home\Photos\PhotoLibrary

All of my files, including photos, are stored in a drive called AdminShare with the usual sub folder structure.
e.g \\DS1621\AdminShare\04-Photos

Is there a way of moving the pictures now now being uploaded to \\DS1621\home\Photos\PhotoLibrary

Or must I move my pictures from my AdminShare directery to \\DS1621\home\Photos\PhotoLibrary

Is the path for Synology Photos 'locked'?
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On my iphone, the backup settings screen offers me the possibility to:
  • backup to personal space ( home etc) or
  • shared space, typically in a sub-folder of the shared folder /photo ( in my case /photo/2024).

Shared space has to be setup first, in synology photo on the NAS, with permissions etc.
You can use DSFile, Synology Drive or Synology Photos for uploading photos. You can select the source folders and destination folders for each if you intend to use Plex as your Album mgmt.

If not I suggest Synology Photos. The DS1621+ has plenty of HP to run thumbnails as well as facial and object recognition.

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