automatic dismount of encrypted folder when backup completes

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automatic dismount of encrypted folder when backup completes

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i am using AOMEI BackUpper on several Win10 PCs to backup to encrypted shared folder under DSM7 on a DS418. The backups are scheduled under AOMEI. What bothers me is that the upon completion, the encrypted folder remains 'mounted' - i have not set up remote access to the DS418 as yet or use a VPN, so this probably not a problem now, but i think is not a good idea once i enable remote access, correct? - but is there a way to have folder automatically 'dismount' upon completion of a backup?
still very new at this, but it seems if i was set up for remote access, i probably would not want the NAS to remain mounted for an extended unattended period?

one more thing: am i doing this correctly? using AOMEI to do the backup schedule and control the backups? i set it for incremental backup during the weekdays, and a full backup on the weekend, and removing old backups via the clean-up schedule - could i be doing all this with synology tools and use snapshots instead of incremental as a strategy?

thanks for the education

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