Automatic Power on when power is restored -- Question

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Automatic Power on when power is restored -- Question

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Yesterday afternoon we had a doozy of a storm come over the mountains here...
Took Out Power, Internet, and Phone systems (Phone off and on) from 3PM to 2AM Today....
At about 10PM last night I contacted (when phone system came back up for a while) the Power Company... They were not certain when power would be restored.......

SO, I shut down each NAS with Power Button, holding it Until flashing... and when all were off, Shut off UPS's (6), and went outside and shut off Generator.... UPS's are NOT connected to NAS in any way...

This morning, with Power Restored, set generator to "Auto", and Switched on UPS's.. I was expecting to see each NAS start up, as The Setting in CP Hardware was set to automatically restart on power restore... That did not happen on any of the 3.... I checked settings and yes, they are correct..... ????? NAS's were re-started with power button... All booted and are fine...

Is it because I used power Button to start the shutdown? That it didn't try and power up? (Now have some branches to clean up!)
I could be wrong, but I think the UPS needs the usb connection to the NAS to sense power on/off for that to work.
Just to be clear I’m not talking about connection to UPS, I’m talking about what NAS does or does not do when power is restored after a shut off.

When Shut off from power button and it shuts down cleanly, is it supposed to power up when power is removed and then restalled?

Or, is the setting in Hardware/Power only applicable after a power failure, and not a clean shut down?
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My 7 doesn’t cover it clearly — why the post! (And the results of that storm had all my attention at the time!)
And: Digging out the 15 or so printouts covering V7 to begin the search [ wouldn’t one manual-covering Everything, be just beautiful? ] wasn’t timely!
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Support confirmed what I surmised, and I have enough branches for a couple of fire pits! See how easy that was!

It would appear that with that setting and a UPS without a connection to UPS, that I’d have the best of ALL worlds:
A generator, with UPS for the startup delay backup, and setting in NAS that if batteries in UPS Dies, NAS will restart if power fails, and re-applied!
The NAS powers back up on its own after a "power supply issue." So if power is suddenly cut to it and it shuts down ungracefully, or if it's shut down gracefully in tandem with a UPS, it will power back up again. BUT if you powered it off using your finger on the power button, it won't.

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