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AWStats for Webstation?

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I know this is going to be a null question but I was wondering.

Is there any equivalent to AWStats that can be run on / in / with Webstation?

Ideally, I want to find out what Bots are visiting my forum so that I can add any new Bots into the phpBB Bot system.
It's cool, I've used it on and off for years. Originally on an IPB forum and now on phpBB.

The difficult part for me will be using SSH to set up CHMOD privs correctly for the files on the NAS :) I hate command line things :)
Hmm. Looking at the Firewall Log file. Does this show that the log file should be writeable by the HTTP / Apache system? This is using the Inspector within File Station on the NAS:

Screenshot 2021-12-26 at 10.26.49.jpg
I think Web Station runs as user http so that should mean that the text file is read/writable. There's no www-data user in /etc/passwd so I guess http is 'it'.

You can check running processes to see which user owns them, and I'm seeing http:

ps -ef | grep -i web
ps -ef | grep -i apache

ps -ef lists out all (-e) running processes with extra column data (f).
| send the output as input to the next command
grep -i filters the input against the case-insensitive (-i) pattern (web or apache, in this case).
I do love how you guys can just throw a bit of command line stuff around to check things :)

Too old to get into Linux at my age I guess.

Thanks for confirming I'll make a new post advising if anything gets logged :)
Too old to get into Linux at my age I guess.
If you're retired then I accept 'old' but I can see you from where I'm standing ;)

I still use a very old copy of O'Reilly's Unix In A Nutshell (3rd Ed. 1999), it's been worth every penny. It doesn't have the all the newer Unix shells but sh, ksh, and csh info is still pretty good primer, and then there's the Web for augmenting it.

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