Back up an existing HBK?

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Back up an existing HBK?

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I need to backup data on my nas (call it NAS1) to 2 different remote nas boxes (call them NAS2 & NAS3) while trying to minimize the amount of data I'm transferring across the remote connection. I have successfully established an encrypted hyper backup (call it Full.hbk) between NAS1 and NAS2. I am confident I can establish a second similar backup between NAS1 and NAS3, but that would require twice as much data to be transferred across the remote connection.

NAS2 and NAS3 are on the same LAN, so I'm wondering if I can just back up the Full.hbk vault from NAS2 to NAS3 (call it Dup.hbk). My thought process is that if I needed to restore Full.hbk from NAS3 onto NAS1 it would just be a "2-step" restore (restore Dup.hbk then restore Full.hbk). I'm also assuming that even though Dup.hbk would have it's own unique config, versioning, and encryption it wouldn't impact the config, versioning, encryption for Full.hbk.

I'm pretty sure this is possible, but is it a good idea? Is anyone doing it this way? Or is there a better way to accomplish my goal?
You can create a new HB task and select to link to an existing vault at the selected destination. I've moved a USB drive with vaults on it from one destination NAS to another and then created a new task on the original source NAS.

I think I've also moved (copied) a vault from internal storage to a USB drive and done the same process of creating a new task linked to the copied vault: be sure to disable the original task from running while doing the copy. I was a long while ago but I think it was successful.

I suggest you try a small test task to determine if this works: create a new task NAS 1 to NAS2 for a package or two and a small shared folder; after the task has run you can copy the vault to NAS 3; create new task to NAS 3 and see if that runs successfully. This will also confirm you encryption settings, which I guess will be the same as NAS 2 (for encrypted vaults) but different for transmission.
Thank you for the reply. I was originally going to set it up as you suggest b/c I know that copying/re-linking works (even encrypted). But I'm trying to avoid running 2 separate backups across the remote ISP connection to minimize monthly ISP data usage. I guess I can also reduce my remote backup schedule frequency to minimize data usage but was trying to avoid that too.

Since I've got the NAS1 vault on NAS2 already, I'd like to just use my NAS2 to "copy" the NAS1 vault across my LAN to NAS3 rather than do another remote vault from NAS1 to NAS3. A "nested" vault if you will. I've had trouble finding much on whether this is a good idea...probably not since there's not much out there. I can do a small test to see how it works, just thought maybe I could save some time if others have experience.
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Just do a local hyper backup of the nas1 vault, that lives on nas2, to nas3. It will then be a local hyper backup from nas2 to nas3 if they’re on the same lan

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