Back up CMS Settings?

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Back up CMS Settings?

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I've asked this on other Synology forums, but had no luck.

The CMS app on the Synology can be configured with dozens of Group & Policy settings, which are waterfalled to the other Diskstations on the network. It can take hours to create and refine these settings. But it appears that there is no way to back them up! Hyperbackup does not provide an option to back up the CMS settings, Configuration Backup doesn't do it either, and there's no way to "export" them. This makes CMS a very risky way to manage a family of Diskstations.

For example, if I need to replace the Diskstation that runs CMS, I can't transfer the settings to the new Diskstation unless I physically move the drives to the new Diskstation. If the Diskstation running CMS crashes, I can't restore those settings from a backup. This seems insane. Is there a way to back up CMS' settings that I'm missing?
No you are not missing anything m8. I'm waiting for the same thing as well. Hopefully a gret overhull that is coming with DSM7 and a new version of CMS that they have advertise. With a support of over 10000(!) NAS units per CMS, there better be a way for a mandatory feature (if we can call this a feature) like this.

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