Question Backing up the NAS - move to Backblaze B2 from Synology C2?

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Question Backing up the NAS - move to Backblaze B2 from Synology C2?

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As I've mentioned on site I decided to go with Synology C2 as a secondary backup system (excepting various smaller file backup scenarios to OneDrive & Dropbox), and that has been working well. I have two backup jobs, one uploading NAS & User backup data and the other backing up my ebook collection.

Looking at the backup jobs in total Hyperbackup reports that I'm storing 286Gb of data on C2 (out of my 1Tb allowance), that is costing me 8.39€ a month.

Earlier this morning I was reading a post about backup and I'm now wondering whether I should forgo using C2 and move to Blackblaze B2 as cost for 286Gb of data look to be significantly lower (286Gb * $0.005 = $1.43 / month).

As Hyperbackup can use B2 I can't see any reason not to switch over, apart rom waiting 3 days for the books to upload due to the poor internet I have.

So thoughts guys please....... Is it worth swapping over?
Synology C2 stores your data in the EU, EU laws and regulations apply. As far as I know Backblaze are in the USA (although at one point I think they were investigating other locations) so Trumpian law applies.

I prefer to keep my data under my control (which is why I have a NAS) and if I have to use an off-site service always use a UK or EU data centre run by a local company paying local taxes.
If you’re using C2 Plan 1 then your 286GB is the ‘live’ data currently on your NAS. But you also get up to 30 daily versions (1 month of history). So your active data that is being backed up will add more storage space and maybe other services will charge for this. Probably won’t amount to 6x increase in space though.

The EU data centre aspect is valid too. ‘Cloud’ services aren’t resident in a jurisdiction-free place, they are governed by the local laws of the country where they are located. And US treats non-US as fair game and not covered by laws protecting US citizens. So you either store data you wouldn’t mind being read or you take steps to strongly encrypt data, client side, using your mechanism (not US storage provider’s).
Oh on the hyper backup I'm pretty sure I minimised the retention points and those books only change weekly so it should last a good while.
Good points there guys ref the data centres and yeah I'd not thought of the data location issues. I'll stick with C2 (Plan 2) and avoid the Greater Trumpian Empire issues.
Presumably there are cloud storage providers that can offer EU, at least, or UK based data centres.
Yes, Amazon have data centres in Ireland, for example. But at the end of the day, its a US company and US law will always prevail. And then there's the tax... The trouble is Synology has made it easy to connect to the well know big data storage firms and most are US based.

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