Backup data (selected share) from one NAS to another over the InterNet

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Backup data (selected share) from one NAS to another over the InterNet

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What is the best approach to backup one share of a volume from my home NAS to an off-site NAS over the InterNet?

The source NAS is a DS1821+ and the target one is a DS1817+

I would like the procedure to automatically synchronize the share from source to target, and keeping X generations or Y days worth of backups (whichever gives the most number of generations). Ie. a file that is changed often will retain Y days worth, regardless of how many, and a file that is seldom changed will retain X generations, regardless of age. It should of course only copy files that have been changed since the last backup.

The backup task should run automatically every night at (say) 2am.
Hyper backup. many tutorials can be found online. You will have to setup your own versioning.
You set up the hyper backup vault at the target nas and hyper backup at the source.

Typical setup for incremental backup that can be configured, but many more possible.
a daily backup version for 7 days
then 4 end of the week versions
12 end of the month versions,
and as many years as you would like to keep.

You will end up with something like max 25 versions. Hyper backup is smart and will only keep changed versions obviously.
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