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Solved Backup Rotation

DS209j | DS210j | DS410 | DS214 | DS216+II | DS916+
Dear Forum,

I'm still having troubles to get that right: How do I set up Backup Rotation right?
I hope you can clarify this for me.

What I want: Daily backup, only keep one version per month during the last 12 month, older versions only 4 per year (every 3 month).
My settings:
Bildschirmfoto 2019-08-05 um 16.15.18.png

The preview window shows me one backup-version after 4 weeks, one after 8 weeks, … thats fine.
Bildschirmfoto 2019-08-05 um 16.15.04.png

But what I get is one version per day, so it takes a huge amount of target-disk-space…
Why are the intermediate versions not deleted?
Bildschirmfoto 2019-08-05 um 16.15.36.png

Thank you for any hints.


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Just to confirm, this is HyperBackup?
DS209j | DS210j | DS410 | DS214 | DS216+II | DS916+
Synology support gave the answer:

Please note in general: When the set amount of versions won't be reached, so the rotation also won't be activated or run in backround to delete older versions. Please double check this. This is a very common for many cases.

We recommend to set up the intelligent rotation named "smart recylce". Please read also below hyper backup rotation options:

DiskStation Manager - Knowledge Base | Synology Inc.

With best regards

So rotation rules only apply if you are exceeding "the max number of versions". This approach doesn't make a lot of sense to me. It will take much more backup space than actually needed until you reach the max number…

DS209j | DS210j | DS410 | DS214 | DS216+II | DS916+
That's what I did now - it's just a little hassle to calculate the right number of versions to be sure to keep the oldest one… :/

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