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Backup to remote USB

I am looking for a way to automatically make copies of only very large files, and place them on an USB disk connected to my media player.
What would be the best way to go about this, and what tools to use?

The disk is accessible thru smb, but if it is very advantageous I guess there could be some way to make it accessible via nfs

regards / Peter
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Is there a reason you want the data on that usb disk 1st? Does your media player have access to the NAS over the network for a direct streaming options?
Yes it does but it is by vpn over the net. So very large files do not stream ok and I am looking to automatically move them locally.

I've had a look at Synology Drive, but it seems I need a client on the media player, which is not avaliable for osmc?
Hyperbackup seemed to have no way to filter for large files, and I am unsure if the files would even be accessible from other devices, as I guess I'm more looking to copy files than truly make a backup of something.
The on-NAS features (Hyper Backup and USB Copy) don't support remote backup/copy using SMB or NFS.

You best bet is to run an rsync server on the media player (whatever that is) and to have Hyper Backup do a single-version backup targeting that rsync server.

Otherwise run some programme on the media player that connects to the NAS and copies over the files to the USB drive.
OK, got myself some help on how to do it from the command line, namely:
find /sourceFolder -type f -size +15000000k -exec cp -nv {} /DestinationFolder/ \;

So, two questions remain. How do I schedule synology to run command line commands? I hear it doesn't use cron?
How do I do a remount of the USB drive from the command line?

I now do Mount Remote CIFS Shared Folder from inside DSM File Station.
But would need to check that the connection isn't lost from time to time, many things that can go offline and come back up again
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Task Scheduler
Thank you for these replies. Do I just write the command I want to be run in the script section of task scheduler? I seem to recall it being trickier than that?
EDIT: OK it was that easy. Thanks!
to remount USB drive...
sudo sh -c "echo 0 > /sys/bus/usb/devices/usb2/authorized"
sudo sh -c "echo 1 > /sys/bus/usb/devices/usb2/authorized"

But sorry for not being completely clear about the USB drive. I'm guessing that this is commands for locally connected USB drives?
Mine is connected to my media player on my vpn network and shared via SMB, mounted by going into file station and Tools>Mount Remote Folder>CIFS Shared Folder
To remount it I go to tools>mount list>remote folder, select it and click reconnect. Can this be done by command line?


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