NAS Compares Best 2-Bay NAS Drive to Buy in 2020

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NAS Compares Best 2-Bay NAS Drive to Buy in 2020

Which 2-Bay NAS Should you Buy in 2020

A Network Attached Storage (NAS) device that can house two hard drives is pretty much the usual entry point for many home/small business users to the world of network storage. Whether it is for enjoying media at home, backing up all the devices on the network, or for more critical business needs like customer data and surveillance, a 2-Bay NAS gives you a great starting point in terms of price, security, reliability, redundancy and features. Unfortunately, like any technology that stays around for a while, choices become numerous and with each brand in this industry releasing hardware solutions every year, it can be hard to make sure you buy the best and more suitable network storage solution for your needs. So, today I am going to highlight 4 noticeable brands in the world of storage; Synology, QNAP, Asustor and TerraMaster, and then highlight the best 2-Bay solution that they have to buy right now in 2020. But do remember that this is a comparison of the best 2-Bay NAS to buy in 2020 from each brand, not the best NAS overall! So, I have tried my best to ensure that the NAS selected are the best for this type of user. So bear in mind that your NAS needs might exceed a 2-Bay NAS Drive (such as 4/8-Bay, Thunderbolt connectivity, 10Gbe, etc). Let’s get started on what is the best NAS for your data!

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