NAS Compares Best 4-Bay NAS Drive of the Year

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NAS Compares Best 4-Bay NAS Drive of the Year

Choosing the Best 4-Bay NAS Drive of 2020​

This year has seen a whole new bunch of NAS hardware solutions arriving after the comparatively quiet period of 2018/19 and with it, a whole new range of solutions that will meet the expectations of 4-Bay NAS buyers. 4 Drive desktop servers are very much the bread and butter of the NAS industry, given that at this scale you can often purchase a solution that has a good level of capacity (even after a RAID 5), a good level of CPU and memory (to help move that data along) and a good level of connectivity (as 4 Bays is enough to comfortable saturate even most network environments). Despite their rather compact nature, a 4 Disk NAS desktop solution is where you start to see most brands flex their muscles a bit and provide a decent mid-range level of hardware and, generally, full support of their software catalogue of included applications. There are a few incredibly top end 4-Bays out there that focus on providing a fully-featured NAS user experience, supporting Plex, Collaboration Apps, Multi-Tier Backups, Virtual Machines, Cloud Sync and multi-user access worldwide – All three of my Top 3 winners below have these advantages and more. So, let’s take a look at the best 4-Bays to buy right now.

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