NAS Compares Best 6-Bay NAS Drive of the Year

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NAS Compares Best 6-Bay NAS Drive of the Year

Choosing the Best 6-Bay NAS Drive of 2020​

Whether you have been looking at buying a new network-attached storage (NAS) solution for the home or for business, there is a good chance that you have been looking for a RAID 6 solution in 2020/2021. There was a time when RAID 6 was seen as the ‘overkill’ RAID configuration, as is a 2 Drive failure protection (ie if up to 2 HDD in your storage array broke/failed, the system would still be able to protect and secure your data from loss). The reason for it’s unpopularity in the past was 1, because you lost 2 drives of usable storage space, 2, the cost of an array that would be big enough for sufficient drive bays and 3, RAID 6 was generally to most complex and slowest configuration – requiring the CPU inside the system to have to calculate a lot of parity data all the time as write actions took place across the array. Fast forward to now and the popularity of RAID 6 in even small business has soared considerably, thanks to hard drives getting HUGE (currently at 18-20TB), NAS CPU hardware improving vastly and the larger number of 6/8Bay solutions on the market than ever before. That last point is important, as 6-Bay solutions (once rather overlooked) are now much more desirable, as they provide a good level of storage space, support all RAIDs, are compact and allow the end-user a much more balanced purchase between storage potential, hardware power and data safety. It has now reached a point where choosing the best 6-Bay NAS drive to buy is considerably harder than ever, with many on the market. Never fear, today I want to tell you the best 6 drive NAS solutions to buy right now and below I have detailed the top 3. Let’s see who the winners are.

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