NAS Compares Best NAS for a 4K HDMI Enabled Plex Media Server

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NAS Compares Best NAS for a 4K HDMI Enabled Plex Media Server

Choosing the Best NAS Drive for Streaming Media Locally and the Internet

I would like advice on a new NAS, please
I use it mainly for TV Shows and films to watch on my Samsung Smart TV. Also to store my music, (through a Soundbar perhaps), books, photos, documents etc
I have seen a video of Synology 12 bay and QNAP NAS with 8 bays and an access port to an HDMI 2.0 to go direct to a TV
I would like a system with about 40TB storage (plenty of space for later expansion) but access via TV and laptop
I have used a Synology Play with 4 drives so I know that supplier but not QNAP at all
Would I have to use PLEX to get access to the files or would a remote be usable?
I thank you now for adviceTony, UK

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DS418play, DS213j, DS3622+, DSM 7.1.4-11091
Nice write-up. Synology rarely compares when performance technology is a major consideration.


NAS Support
DS718+, DS918+, 2x RS3614RPxs+
  1. RT1900ac
  2. RT2600ac
  3. MR2200ac
Operating system
  1. macOS
Mobile operating system
  1. iOS
That is true... but I still don’t see the need for hdmi on a nas. Really don’t want a nas next to a tv


OMG, 40TB space for media (movies, music), books and home documents :oops:
My suggestion is, that Tony needs purchase A/C more than 40TB NAS space, because this summer is is pretty hot for a consideration.
Some math from his considerations:
8x 6TB low cost disks cost 8x200Euro=1600Euro+ cost of 8 bay NAS .... 2500Euro
6y of life cycle = 2500 / 6 / 12 = 35Euro monthly

Why hold such environment for movies, when you will see the same movie no more than 1x year? Even for 60GB/4K HDR10+ movie with Dolby Atmos it is space for 800 movies + 5000 music files + thousands of books and still prety much for home docs, photos and holiday videos. For Peppa Pig you can use YT rather.
Still can’t understand why hold more than 20 movies in HDD = max 1,5TB in 4K HDR10+. For me zero TB. But Tony is free for his choice.

Next in the Toni’s consideration:
HDMI in NAS is just tragedy, specially in 8bay NAS :cool:, because the noise of the HDDs plus noise from NAS fans close to TV will breake all silence in a horror movie. Don’t mention about LED lights. And cost of silent 8x6TB SSD, hm ... then Tony can purchase rather all available subscriptions for multimedia content for 15y to future.
All major TV brands support DLNA. Android and Apple TVs also + best ever Mediacenters like Plex, Kodi, ... Then you need just plain space for movies storage, no rocket science logic or performance at NAS side, min. single 100Mbps ethernet (4k bitrate is at 20-50Mbps). 99% of TVs are still hanging at 100Mbps ethernet interface. No HDMI.


But there is another option. Tony is a streaming pirate (begginer) and he would like to provide a streaming services from his new NAS to their neighbors. Then he needs more power (Xeon based NAS), public IP and valid registration in local police department 😀.

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