NAS Compares Best Virtual Machine NAS of the Year

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NAS Compares Best Virtual Machine NAS of the Year

Choosing the Best Virtual Machine NAS Drive of 2020​

For those that are not aware, a Virtual Machine (or VM) is a near completely digital alternative to a physical-local-PC in the traditional sense. Yes, you still need a physical user interface (ie a monitor/screen and peripheral controls like a Keyboard, mouse and/or touch screen) and hardware terminal (even something as simple as a phone) but after that, what you have access to is a purely virtual copy of a typical PC that allows you to access a single desktop from ANYWHERE in the world that has an internet connection. Add to that the advantages of easy system duplication, snapshots to near-instantly reverse software choices and effectively limitless options of operating system support and what you have is an exceptionally useful tool indeed – one that now both home and business users are taking advantage of. These days, even modest powered NAS drive systems can support virtual machines in one shape or form, but it was not until we started seeing brands create their own VM management tools, cross-platform backups of VM environments and support of popular enterprise VM architecture like Hyper-V and VMware that it has really, REALLY grown popular. The amount of hardware power inside your NAS system will heavily dictate the power and extent of your VM deployment and therefore you have to choose wisely when selecting a NAS system for virtual machine use. Today I want to tell you the best three NAS servers for Virtual machines to buy in 2020/2021 and I have chosen them by selecting the Best Value VM NAS, the Most Robust (sturdy and fully featured) VM NAS and the Most Powerful VM NAS. Let’s take a look.

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