Best way to backup part of the disk1 to disk2

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Best way to backup part of the disk1 to disk2

DS218J user here. Two bay NAS. I've got a 2TB drive in each of them, lets call it disk1 and disk2.

Now there are some folders in disk1 that I would like to be synced to disk2.

By sync, i meant preferably any changes i've made to those folders will be instantly replicated to disk2, instead of a periodic backup schedule.

Please let me know which app you recommend for this.


100% instant replication is just about RAID1, but you need just some folders for the “instant backup”.
Be aware:
replication is not backup.
Backup: you can setup from Hyper Backup.

There is another possible solution, but you have to use Btrfs file system on your discs = possible re-format your discs (if you use etx fs). The solution is called: Snapshot replication.

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