Question Best way to move mail server to DSM

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Question Best way to move mail server to DSM

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I have a mail server running on OldServer. Email gets there via ports which I've opened on the router. OldServer running macOS Server is getting its pension and NewServer - a young Synology box of new tricks - is taking its place.

When I've moved mail servers in the past I've created the account on my Mac then copied the messages from the 'old' account to the new. Then delete the old account and carry on as normal.

But here both mail servers are on the same LAN behind the same router so they can't both exist at the same time. Well they can and I can access them locally via the LAN IP but only one can be accepting / sending email due to the port forwarding from the router.

So my option is to close the old server and risk have mail rejected as I copy the mail over and change the port forward to the new server?

Or is there a smarter, more clever way I could go about this? Remembering I'll have to manually fiddle with the email settings on a number of users' computers.

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