Question Best way to share files similar to DropBox

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Question Best way to share files similar to DropBox

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New here! I have a DS418 play that has single volume with raid. I backup two computers to the NAS using Drive client. These computers are named as individual users and have their own folders. They do not use the home, homes drive hierachy. I would like to transfer large files (non email PDF's and Photos (I do photography) from one computer to the other like a Dropbox. Am I better off using Drive /Drive client. Or, making a shared folder on NAS called FLOPbox and transfer as needed that way. If someone has a better idea, please share. Both computers are mine as the administrator, so simple permissions. I may make the shared folder available to my wife who transfer photos via email. Looking forward to your thoughts.
Both computers are on the same Lan as nas. Generally I would be transferring a photo to be used on a program in other computer to be edited, or ship a document to the other computers doc folders
Well if its not a sync solution you are in need of, you can simply mount the same NAS share from both computers and have it configured like that. On the other hand you could use Drive app and in that case you will have the file in 3 places (2x computers and a nas) all in sync.
can you do that on the drive application even though it is set up to backup configuration also?
Are we talking about both computers in the same lan as your nas? Are you looking for a sync scenario considering that you want dropbox experience?

Please allow me to piggyback on this question. What would be the solution in the same scenario if both of the computers were not on the same LAN but remote?
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Please allow me to piggyback on this question. What would be the solution in the same scenario if both of the computers were not on the same LAN but remote?

Yes. I use the Quick Connect option, and that allows the Drive app to sync from anywhere on the internet, no IP address or DNS configuration needed.

Set up Quick Connect first, and then use the QC info in the Drive client.
I do have quick connect to share some bizz files to Three users offsite that have permissions to read those files files, but as far as a dropbox scenario, it was easier to copy to a USB stick and then copy back to the second computer. Archaic but it works
Just had an idea! How about making a folder on each computer called FLOPBOX and loading cloud station to NAS. Optimize cloud station as needed and continue to use Drive client as my backup application and cloud station as a Dropbox alternative. Would that work? and what is the life left for cloud station? I am not familiar with it but just read a tech paper that captured my eye.
@NikonNut can you just confirm for clarity what you mean when using 'Dropbox'. For me there are at least three meanings:
  • The public cloud service Dropbox that synchronises access to and copies of files across client devices and maintains versions at the central server.
  • The old Apple Mac home account folder ~/Public/Drop Box that allowed other users to write to this folder and so share files.
  • The concept of a 'drop-box' when people can leave useful stuff.
  • Don't look in Urban Dictionary unless you are very broadminded cos I didn't know most of those other meanings 🙈

Cloud Station Server and Synology Drive cannot be installed on the NAS at the same time, it's an either/or situation.

Drive has taken over from Cloud Station though their respective client apps will work with either server package. Where desktop clients for Cloud Station were split into two (one for computer backup and the other for 'Dropbox-like' folder sync) with Drive there is one desktop client that combines the activities of the previous two.

With Drive client you can backup (using the client's Backup task) multiple computers to the same NAS user account and each computer will be using its own folder within 'home/Drive/Backup': my Mac Mini and MacBook Air both backup to their own folders at this location.

Using Drive client's Sync task you can define as many tasks as you want to your home/Drive ('My Drive') folder and accessible Team Folders. Team Folders are NAS Shared Folders that you've enabled access to within Drive Admin Console: user access is determined by the privileges granted to the Shared Folder in Control Panel. You could create a new Shared Folder 'File Transfer' and grant read/write access to your users, then enable it as a Team Folder. Finally you'd create a two-way Sync-task in both computers using Drive client. If it's just for quick transfer of files then you can disable versions for the Team Folder.
it would emulate, in a lot of respects, DROPBOX@ #1 example. I believe your idea of a new Team Folder while eliminating versioning is the way to go. I was not sure if you could use the sync option while using the same drive client application for my backup of the computer as mentioned earlier, Rusty advised that I could. I set up client on laptop and will use this as a guinea pig. guess that being said, I could also use via quick connect?
Well I set up the file sharing and team share . I made a folder on the computer in Users/Desktop. Unfortunately I use the backup portion of drive client which backs up the Same folder, which I guess you can’t do. My backup backs up every thing except the OS.
So I unchecked Desktop in the user folder but check’d the Synology drive folder that was created. Now I show all my desktop program names with the cloud icon, on the shared drive. I only want to sync the new folder! Would it be smart to just put the folder in the root directory? I have got remnants of Synology files that were made while playing around.
Also... I can’t seem to find a lot of info on Drive client in Synology support site. so far the best info is what I have gotten here, and a you tube by Rickmakes. Any help is welcome as the saga continues.
Well I guess I should have shortened this post a bit and been less confusing. The problem is syncing a file in Synology client between computer and NAS. This seems to be ok if there are no files selected in the backup portion of client. The minute I populate my backup files it does not work. So, I repopulate my backup and make a blank folder in Desktop. And disable that location on backup. SYNC will work but also show my desktop files on the NAS. So that begs me to ask, can I place that empty folder, to use for transfers , in the root directory Of C: drive or maybe sync from another drive on the computer? All I wish to do is drag a document to this folder from computer A and have it show up in a folder on Computer B For use on that computer and vice versa.

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