Best way to transfer from old drives

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Best way to transfer from old drives

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I have two old internal drives that I would like to transfer to a big external drive. I also have a WD external drive that died (shocking, eh?).
Can I buy specialty cords and migrate the old internal drives using USB and something like Easeus? Or does it require special equipment and I should just pay to have someone else do it?
Can the data on the WD be saved by someone with expertise? It powers, but just makes a clicking sound and my computer never recognizes it. Clicking = death, correct?
I am always grateful for the assistance I receive on this site.
Not quite sure how your system is set up but to transfer files from your old drives to a new drive, you can:

1. install the new drive in a spare bay in your computer (or plug it into a USB slot if its an external USB drive) and copy the files using file explorer. You don't need anything like EaseUS to do this unless you are actually cloning the drive.

2. Get a SATA power/data cable adapter and plug in the new drive and copy using file explorer

The WD drive is a different matter. Unless the files on it are irreplaceable, I'd just bin it.
I've no idea if we are talking about a NAS, DAS, PC, media centre, game system etc nor the form-factor, number of bays, bays free or indeed any useful information to let us know what the question is.

For the OP - we are not in your home / office and cannot see what is obvious to your eyes. Please try and explain what you have and what you are trying to achieve. That way we can, collectively, provide good answers. 🙃
Agree. But hopefully, the OP will have been messaged that there are replies to his original post(?)

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