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Bi-directional synchronization and folder permissions

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Hi everyone,

Until now, we have been using Synology Cloud Station in our small company for two-way synchronization.
Very efficient for having files offline and working from home on files that are on the server.
It worked well on both our PCs and MAC.

Our team is growing and not everyone has the same permissions to access folders/files.

How can set this up? I would like all my colleagues to be able to work comfortably on the files on the server without having to download / upload each file via the DSM.

Synology Cloud Station creates a "home" folder on the server with a "cloud station" subfolder or I cannot limit the folder permissions.

Could you help me configure my access correctly or recommend an alternative software?
Is this something that can be solved by Drive ?

Many thanks in advance for your help
Not getting a clear picture how your fileshare environment looks like.

Let me first say Synology Cloud Station is deprecated. Consider upgrading it to Drive and that will include better collaboration features with it (like sharing files to others, just like what you can do with OneDrive for Business).

So if everyone is working in their 'home' folder, then with Drive it's easy for the users to share the files amongst other colleagues as they want.

You can also create a new share and from the top level give the permissions to the team members. This new share can also be made available in Drive for optional sync , altough I'd be carefull with that as that can risk sync conflicts if multiple users editted a file at the same time in offline mode.
Thanks Shadow for taking the time to answer my question.

Our setup is very easy.

We have a « Shared folder » from the top level. This folder contains various subfolders (admin, finance, marketing...) each folder has different access permissions depending on the profile of the users. eg: we don't want the marketing intern to have access to the finance folder...

However with the home-working rules due to COVID crisis I would like the team to comfortably work from home online of offline.

The setup we had with Synology Cloud Station worked great. I had all the folders on my computer hard drive and a bidirectional synchronization.
Every time I would change something locally on my computer, it would sync with the Nas.

The only problem was that I could not customize the permission to the Cloud Station folder. Which means that all the team members using Cloud Station could potentially access the whole company folder sync.

Does it make more sense ?
Again, time for your time and help.
With Synology Drive you can setup Team Folders ... which are DSM shared folders. If I remember right when I was testing it [home stuff so getting it wrong wasn's much of a big deal] then the DSM shared folder's file permissions still persisted within Drive.

For example, I include /music as a Team Folder with 0 history versions: it's not where I keep the main music library but do have audiobooks, ebooks, and lo-res music so that people can download them to mobile phones.

Those DSM users/admin that have read/write also have read/write via Drive and those with DSM read-only have Drive read-only. I'm 99% sure I've remembered this correctly :) maybe 98%. One thing I haven't tested is how sub-folder permissions are handled by Drive as I have no need for these to be different than those inherited from the shared folder.

Synology Drive server package replaces Cloud Station on the NAS but it is still using the same underlying mechanisms/ports and Cloud Station agents and apps still work with Drive server. I can still use the iOS DS cloud app if I need even though all other agents, apps, and server are the newer Drive ones.

It's never a good time to migrate and less so when people are forced to be away from the office [IT support] so you should read up on this first. If you have a spare NAS you could test out Drive and folder permission handling before rolling it out.

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