Solved Bitwarden App no longer syncing with Docker Container

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Solved Bitwarden App no longer syncing with Docker Container


DS4l8play, DS202j, DS3623xs+, DSM 7.3.3-25847
I'm not even sure where to start... I just noticed that my Android Bitwarden app was missing some entries. But I'm unsure when this started happening.

I reinstalled the app and used the same DDNS: Port URL that works on my browser. I can sign into the account but there are no entries. When I create an entry on my phone, I noticed that my folders appeared, but no other entries.

When I manually sync, I get sync failed. This happens on wifi and data. I dropped the NAS firewall without success.

I must have changed a security setting somewhere.

2 weeks ago I changed my BW URL to use Reverse Proxy... I thought it was working but apparently, the entries I saw were cached on the phone. So I returned to DDNS port forward, and still no success.

I can access all my BW stuff through the PC browser on my local LAN so, the data is there. I can also add new entries from the browser and the browser extension works as expected.

I am stumped. Ideas?
Rookie error 😰 Updated the Docker container and sync returned. Yikes!
Actualy BW is one of the containers that deserves a custom reverse proxy rule, as it uses port 3012 additionaly for websocket communication between the container and the client, see: dani-garcia/bitwarden_rs (Nginx (by shauder))
That was interesting reading... and went entirely over my head... But then I read this...

Enabling WebSocket notifications

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Important: This does not apply to the mobile clients, which use push notifications.

Apart from my laptop, all my external access is on mobile clients. When I used DDNS port-forwards, it was only ever to access container port 80. What functionality does WebSocket bring? Is WebSocket primarily for notifications?
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It actualy allows to push changes to the client.
Hontestly, I have never seen any sort of notification in my client :)

Forget that I ever mentioned it. said:
Important: This does not apply to the mobile clients, which use push notifications.
Correct. Live Sync of new items in the vault will not work with mobile clients (still needs to be manually updated or on a timer). LS will work on your desktop and web versions via 3012 port if setup correctly as @one-eyed-king mentioned. You will need to customize your reverse a bit to make this happen.

Thank you Rusty. I didn't realize that syncing was separately managed. 🍪
I would like to try this LiveSync thing, but am confused about how to do so in my particular situation.
There are two Diskstations involved. Diskstation 1 is set up using reverse proxy to send connections to to Bitwarden, which is running in docker on Diskstation 2. That being the case, if I'm removing the reverse proxy setup in Control Panel on Diskstation 1, am i putting the new .conf file on Diskstation 1, or Diskstation 2? And is there anything I need to do that differs from the instructions (which seem to assume that Bitwarden is running on the same machine that's doing the proxying)?

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