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Black Friday Deals?

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Ok, so I finally am ready to buy a DS920+ thanks to all your help here. I'm wondering what kind of Black Friday discounts we can expect if any this year. Since 2020 Black Friday has changed and been elongated to several weeks. I see deals on many things already but nothing on NAS. With chip shortages and other logistics supply chain issues, I don't want to chance not getting anything because I waited. Have to weigh that against not getting a good price. If all I'm going to save by waiting 3 weeks is about $20 then I'll just by now and not chance loosing out do to a shortage. But if the savings is typically $50-$100 I'll take that chance. Can anyone share what the discounts have been in the past, so I can at least guess what they may be this year?
Well I just looked. I bought the wife some hairdryer a week ago via the Dyson web site. Just checked online now Black Friday deals........same price.....also same price at Curry`s/PC World on their Black Friday deals. Just as I thought you might get the odd discount on older stock but the newer stuff you will be lucky if you can

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