Brand new DiskStation DS418 received today, need help with setup

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Brand new DiskStation DS418 received today, need help with setup

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I've got the software installed and everything seems to be working.

Watched the installation video on the intro page of this forum. Everything was OK until I got to the "Pool" configuration part. My software does not match what I saw in the video about RAID configurations. Any links to the right video for my gear.

I not looking to do anything exotic. Just back up the photos and client files on our computers locally. We will still keep our cloud storage account with backblaze.

My system info attached


  • my system 2020.JPG
    my system 2020.JPG
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It's with 4x 4TB drives.

Just looking for an up-to-date setup tutorial.

Looking to store:
Client Photos & Videos
Temporary multi-media files
I'm at the 14 minute make of the LON.TV video. this is what I get. Did I click on the wrong button somewhere? It says I have +10 TB, should I have +14 TB?


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Just had the Microsoft Edge browser just uninstall itself. Icons, everything just poof! After my last post.

Just before that, I could not navigate my desktop at all. Everything was closed except for Edge. Kept acting like I had a dialog box open. Everything I clicked on beeped. Finally had to use the Task Manager to close Edge, then i was able to reboot. Reinstalled Edge.

This would not have anything to do with my new Synology server, would it?
For 4x4TB SHR, you should have 10.92 TB, less DSM overhead.

Re: Edge... sounds like you just started a Windows 10 Update... hopefully just the June patches and not the new version.
Stuck trying to setup the server to backup my Hard disks. When I try to map my drives it does not like my user name/password. I've only used two user names and two passwords to keep things simple until I got things running. My MS password works getting into the MS Store. I logged out then logged back in.

My quick Connect setup works fine.

What am I doing wrong?


  • PW hangup.JPG
    PW hangup.JPG
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Started the factory reset at 9 PM last night. It's now 7 AM and it's still not finished. Is this normal?

Screen shot attached.


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I refreshed my disktop display and the grayed out display went away. I am able to resume setup. Taking it slow this time around.
Started to do the Shared Folders setup and would up back at the issue noted in post #15 with the Network Credentials problem.

Could not find any solutions online. The answers were all over the place.

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