Broadband upgrade from BT to Virgin Media Voom1

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Broadband upgrade from BT to Virgin Media Voom1

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Well we've moved from British Telecom for our internet supplier to Virgin Business. It's costing us about £3 a month more.
Speeds have increased from 38 (download) / 4 mbps (upload) to 382 / 21 mbps.
We went with the business package (Voom1) as that actually as an uptime SLA of 99.9%.
Very very pleased....... A quick install and commissioning process too. Working painlessly with our Orbi mesh network (Virgin router in pass-through mode)

Hopefully it'll be stable and perform well as it's all new fibre which was only laid a month or so ago.

Anyway I just wanted to share the joy!
The connection although slow with them was solid enough, the customer service was absolutely dire though. Oh yes the increase in speed is wonderful, painless upgrade to DSM on the NAS this morning :)
Yeah much better options out there now. I'm just so happy that Virgin laid their fibre in our area at last. We were looking to wait for BT to put their fibre in but that'll be at least 18 months.

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