Broadcom 57412 Driver / RS3617RPxs

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Broadcom 57412 Driver / RS3617RPxs


Can someone tell me if they are any way to install a driver to handle my Broadcom 57412 in my Synology RS3617RPxs?
I have installed the network card in my Synology but DSM not showing the network card.

Here is the network card i'm trying deal with:

Here is my Synology information:

2020-05-12 18_57_28-TECHNO-SYNO - Synology RackStation.png

Any tutorial of driver package will be very appreciated.
sorry, this single port 10/25Gbps card isn’t supported
w/o guarantee you can try to compile Broadcom bnxt driver into kernel based on this guide guide then tune card features based on GitHub
but it’s a really really hard way, this system isn’t Windows desktop plug and play capable, this is strong powerful server based on NAS and you need to be sure, that you will get 100% of the 10Gbps performance & compatibility features (setup) from the card
good luck

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