Browsing photos in photo station or moments

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Browsing photos in photo station or moments

Hi, I am thinking of purchasing a Synology NAS and have some questions about how a guest user could browse a folder containing photos and videos. I would envisage that a search function would be possible within either photo station or moments. I have tried the live demo of DSM but it is still not clear to me if browsing via a search function is possible within photo station or moments. If someone could clarify then that would be extremely helpful. Thank you very much for your support.


to be sure, we need to understand your expectations in deeper level.
Some basics from Syno world:
- guest user account is an account without password, then it’s in really insecure level (vulnerable)
- this account has been created just for LAN accessibility of your NAS drives (then no way for the external access to your photos from internet side)
- is strictly recommended to disable admin and guest accounts in first installation steps. More about basic security recommendations you can find here

In Photo station you can define accessibility by:
- DSM account (user defined in Syno DSM Control panel)
- Photo station account (allows you define independent account for the Photo station usage)
- you can define what exact photo folders will be accessible by public (no usr/psw) and what for defined users (privileged user accounts).
Stay away from unsecured touch with your property.

In Photo station you can use Search feature:
Enter keywords in the search field in the left panel. Albums, photos, and videos matching the searchcriteria will appear.

Moments is different products. It’s for personal photo storage.
There isn’t possible public access without DSM account, but you can create a Shared links for public purposes:
  • Public: Everyone with the share link can access the shared album.
  • Specific users: Only the assigned users can access the shared album (users can be added as specific users even after the shared link is created).


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A very basic view would be that Moments has a similar audience as Apple's Mac/iOS Photos apps.

And we're all waiting for DSM v7 which should have the new Photos package, being a combined Photo Station and Moments.

In the meanwhile...

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