[Bug] Latest Portainer version 2.16 has a nasty bug, be aware before updating!

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[Bug] Latest Portainer version 2.16 has a nasty bug, be aware before updating!

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Hi everyone,
I noticed a nasty bug after updating my Portainer (business edition) to the latest version 2.16.
After the update one can’t use the update-button to update ones stacks, the button stays grayed-out!
This has already been reported on GitHub. There is a workaround, you need to stop the stack first, then you can update your stack using the update-button!

Just a friendly warning⚠️ for everyone who’s using Portainer (BE and CE) to manage docker (stack) containers.😉
Or just edit the page on the fly and remove the HTML piece of code for the button that flags it as "disabled". Works just fine that way.
OH you mean the same technique the MacAfee scammer call centers show a big deposit into your bank account so you will give them the gift cards because they refunded too much money. Ok I need to stop watching Pierogi's scammer payback YouTube channel.

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