BUG: SRM Monthly report generation fails to run when set to a day greater than the month has

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BUG: SRM Monthly report generation fails to run when set to a day greater than the month has

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Looks like my monthly report that is scheduled to run on the 31st failed to run in April - I suspect due to there only being 30 days!

I guess there is a basic logic checking daynum, and not caclulating off end day of month.

Sadly this is a problem for those on mobile carriers who bill on different days of the month (eg 30 day billing cycles).
Logically the test would be add 1 day to today and if month is different then today is the last day of the month. Whether that's how it's done is another matter.

My method on DSM and SRM is reports are on the 1st at 00:00, but would be nice if it was 'last day of month at 23:59' as it has the right month in the file name.
To clarify:

Firstly, daily reports work fine.

Monthly report generation - if day set to 1-30 = works fine (though it doesn't in February).
If day set to 31 = works fine if 31 days in month (as it ran in March) else it doesn't run.

The expected behaviour should be to run on the last day of month if the day set > number of days in month (e.g.: run on the 30th if month has 30 days, and to run on 28th or 29th in Feb). It's clearly a coding error as it is just doing a straight day number lookup rather than applying logic according to the month. Or they need to add a 'last day of month option if the day number is strictly for that day.

The reason I need it to run on last day of month is to align with my mobile broadband billing cycle, so I can compare their record of usage to what the Synology reports (as I'm not trusting their usage reporting and wish to query it).

Reported the bug to Synology so we will see what happens.
Fully understand your issue and reason. I originally set up weekly, monthly, and yearly reports. After the monthly didn’t trigger, like for you, I had to change to trigger just after the reporting period.

On my always on iMac I run PeakHour that monitors the SRM router using SNMP. It provides interactive history graphs which can be used to corroborate the SRM reports (even when run slightly late).

Could be something similar on other platforms
Confirmed as a bug by Synology developers. Or, as they called it, "a design feature"
You said you’re a psychologist. You should convince them otherwise. That it’s not a design feature and that they should come to terms with accepting it :)
(Don’t mind me. It seems I have too much time on my hands today :censored:)

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