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I got inspired to post this after I wrote “best-practices” to SynoMan :)

First, excuse the (vulgar) title please. But that’s it for the lack of anything else descriptive enough.

During meetings (mostly technology related), my ears unintentionally pick up such words, and I write them on the margins while taking notes.
I really find it amusing and I can’t but recall Scott Adams’ Delbert comics when I’m attending most of these meetings.

And just in case you don’t know about it, here’s the ultimate BS words generator to empower and enrich your “lovely” corporate life.

I believe we should seek to proactively reintermediate compelling testing procedures on this forum and to objectively administrate covalent web-readiness.
In failing to do so, we might be risking phosfluorescently impacting functional networks. We should seek to always be able to monotonectally envisioneer premier process improvements in a timely manner.
(the last bit is added for @fredbert)

It’s a lazy Sunday and I thought of providing the above demonstration of the BS generator. Use it to quickly put together such gobbledygook. It’s amazing how people react. You can thank me when you’re promoted to CEO***
The things I do for this forum 🙄

Please asses your situation as your mileage may vary. Myself (WST16), SynoForum administrative staff and all its members are not liable in case you’re demoted, made redundant, fired or killed.
yes, 4y out of big companies working environment, where strategic target is to find new unused definition of well run approach:
- Up-selling and Cross-selling into new miracle “convergent business”
- heavy problem decomposition to smallest simple groups into “holistic approach”
the problem isn’t in a company name. The source of the problem is coming from people behavior:
- I will survive, whatever will happen, because I can’t lose my earning
- I will be submissive sheep .... this behavior has been transformed into Like runners
- endless grow promoters, because quarterly evaluation of shares value impact
- three envelopes driven managers moved every 2y to another company.

look also here

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