Bytes written much higher in 1 of the 2 SHR disks

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Bytes written much higher in 1 of the 2 SHR disks


After ditching the WD Red 3TB disks due to 3 out 4 died, I decided to install new drives with clean install on my DS916+.

I bought 2 new Samsung 860 QVO 2TB and put them in SHR+BTRFS in slot 1 and slot 3. SMART attributes showed for both 0 Bytes written when bought.

During the 4 months it's running, I'm seeing a much faster increase in the Bytes written count for the SSD in slot 3, about 3,1 TB written vs 1,2 TB written for the SSD in slot 1.

I can imagine that there might be a slight difference because of DSM activity, but why such a big difference? Why the SSD in slot 3?

I don't remember, but it could be that I first installed the SSD in slot 3, configured DSM and then added SSD in slot 1. All was done in the same afternoon.

I would like to clarify this before deciding adding 2 more SSD in this SHR setup.

Many thanks!

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