Question C2 Upload Problem?

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Question C2 Upload Problem?

I got in touch with Synology's 2nd Tier support and they told me that Hyper Backup will scan the files first, and then upload them. So everything is actually working as it should. I was surprised that the Chat people did not know this. They could have told me that Hyper Backup is working properly and that I will not see anything upload to C2 until Hyper Backup finishes scanning the photo folder that it will later upload. This process looks like it will take a two weeks. Thank you all for your replies to this thread.

but the file scan isn't the snapshot in real point of view:
- it was my idea (see above), when you mixed different terminology into single Hyper Backup task (your expectations).

- Hyper Backup shows you the Scanning process ... follow your screenshot you have done 7/7 & 260GB & 328390 files (sorry it's pixelated) ... to be sure you have mentioned just 218000 photos, but it must be really more files there
as we can see (+50%) then no proper info has been provided to us

- your problem isn't Hyper Backup, your problem is slow internet upload speed for such heavy bunch of data (and it was confirmed also, see above) .... 9 days was expected in my calc
what about purchase one external disk/USB3 for the data sync as first backup instance
when finished, then C2 as remote instance (second tier)
then you will sleep better .... because with such slow-speed upload you can run in a risk, that you will lose data during the C2 upload and you get big troubles.
Jeyare, I already have 4 external backups of all my data. This does not include the data that's on my NAS as that data is also a copy of the data on the 4 external drives. The C2 will be my 5th copy and I will be doing as you said and attach an external hard drive to the back of the NAS and Hyper Backup to it too. I will also be giving my brother an portable external hard drive copy of my data for him to keep in his home.

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