calendar API no longer works after update

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calendar API no longer works after update

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I am dealing with the same issue.
Did you get it solved? If so, would you post an update here?

I did a bunch of debugging, up to a point where it all seems a shot in the dark.
Unfortunately Synology-Support is not helpful either.
Some more info on the error codes for the Synology Calendar API:

I found the required parameters. Take a special note of the last two, they need a value with at least an empty array [ ].
And dtstart and dtend now need a timestamp.

api: SYNO.Cal.Event
method: create
version: 5
cal_id: "/SomeUser/sdfghjkl/"
original_cal_id: "/SomeUser/sdfghjkl/"
summary: "test"
is_all_day: false
tz_id: "Europe/Amsterdam"
dtstart: 1715583600
dtend: 1715587200
is_repeat_evt: false
color: ""
description: ""
participant: []
notify_setting: []
Calendar issues reported recently by Community users...

I suggest you open a support ticket.
With the new parameters and dtstart and dtend as timestamp it works fine. But with the method „set“ always the error 9009 comes up. Any ideas ?
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Yes I figured it out.

For set you'll need at least the parameters below.
It's required to add the current dav_etag, which you first must retrieve via get.

api: SYNO.Cal.Event
method: set
version: 5
evt_id: 102293
cal_id: "/User/xntphmr/"
original_cal_id: "/User/xntphmr/"
summary: "Some summary"
color: ""
description: ""
dav_etag: "aqveyjqyewhpecenzujahpjipqcjvhqr"
is_all_day: false
tz_id: "Europe/Amsterdam"
dtstart: 1716188400
dtend: 1716192000
is_repeat_evt: false
repeat_setting: null
participant: []
notify_setting: []
location_info: {"address":"","gps":{"lat":-1,"lng":-1},"map_type":"","name":"","place_id":""}
attachments: []

The trick is to inspect your browser's network traffic while using the Calendar-browser-app (Synology Calendar GUI).

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