DS cam Camera “info display” cut off on small screen iPhone

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DS cam Camera “info display” cut off on small screen iPhone

DS 718+, 2x-DS 720+
  1. RT2600ac
Operating system
  1. Windows
Mobile operating system
  1. iOS
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I have reported this to Support, but as yet they are still in the “Get diag dump” stage.
Follows multiple NAS Types.
Only Affects small display iPhone I do not know how small phone Androids would react:
For example: 2020SE iPhone shows this issue, but 8+ iPhone does not, nor does iPad.

Issue involves word wrap on line 3 of “info display” and there is an easy fix:
Change Header of line 3 from:
“Video Reso:”
“Video Res:”

And I bet it would cease to wrap on 1920x1080 on smaller screens!

See example showing word wrap occurring:


  • 37A2477A-7E33-44ED-B15B-6C15289F0E3C.png
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