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Can anyone decipher this caveat about using Hyper Backup with AB4B data?

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Can anyone decipher this caveat about using Hyper Backup with AB4B data?

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So as I was doing some ramping up on DSM docs, I came across this little blurb...
  • 'Using ... other package mounted folders as the backup source is not supported. For example, if you install Active Backup for Business on DSM, the related default folder under the shared folder, ActiveBackupforBusiness, is not allowed to be backed up due to file format limitation.'
(It's from this DSM 7 documentation page).

... which was disappointing because I had a mind to use Hyper Backup to make a copy of my AB4B repository to an external drive or to the cloud. But then I poked around here and elsewhere on the web and it turns out people seem to be doing that just fine. And there's this Knowledge Center article that even documents how to do this.

And I tried it myself (both backup and restore of AB4B .hbk repository) and didn't run into any issue.

So I don't get it - what exactly is "not allowed"? Anyone know the story on this? Am I missing something?
Anyone know the story on this?
The documentation in that DSM 7 article is dated. It has evolved over time. There are still issued with AB4M365 for example as restore will fail for certain elements (like Shrepoint sites for example). More details and examples here.

Still ABB, will work just as explained in the KB article you have found.

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