Can I change the media type in the NAS later?

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Can I change the media type in the NAS later?

DS1522+, E10G22-T1-Mini RJ45 10G Ethernet Module
Hello, can I initially install one 8TB Seagate Ironwolf HDD (listed in the compatibility list) in the 1522+ NAS and then later on, replace it with a Samsung 2.5" SATA 4TB SSD or vice versa? I will make sure that I will do it before reaching 4TB as it is obvious that a 4TB drive cannot hold more than that amount of data. Since there is only one drive, DSM will be installed in it. Is it as easy as just manually copy/clone from one drive to the other? Does the DSM has such function?
The only reason I plan to use the Seagate Ironwolf is that I worry about lost of warranty if I use a Samsung 2.5" SATA SSD. If it is too noisy, I may need to consider the SSD option.
Synology does not offer this functionality. Several PC disk cloning tools do offer the ability to shrink disks to SSD.
I used paragon and acronis for this in the past.
You can also add the SSD to the nas, move all data shared folders to the new volume, and finally backup and restore all apps using hyper backup.
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There have been recent posts covering swapping HDD with SSD, so have a search for those. As for swapping a higher capacity drive with a lower capacity… no you can’t do that.

I keyed in: hard drive hdd ssd replace change in the search box but it returned nothing. Did I do it incorrectly?
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Yes on a 2 drive system (720+) I swapped 2 spinning drive SHR for 2 SSD drive SHR.
IN V7 Synology removed mixed drive capability—so you can’t do one drive at a time from HD to SSD any more.

MY ISSUE was a newly installed hyper backup will not ‘see’ backup files for restore (even backups verified) made by same version Hyper backup run under spinning HD.

Had I known that — I would have backed up with ABB, but even support suggested HB, because both drives simultaneously Were to be changed.

So, make copies of your data in case your backup won’t restore!

In my case, all data stored there was redundant copies. So when restore failed to work, I just shrugged my shoulders and manually configured everything (over and above the configure restore), which helped immensely.

Not exactly smooth, but do-able! Good luck.

As a PS to this. I have upgraded SHR Drives before….. In multiple NAS’s. (Even 2 drive models). In each case I replaced smaller drive with larger drives, one at a time .. when first one is finished power down and swap second drive, when both are done, update volume to use all new space.
Now… Now that SHR is SSD, I can do this in the future, like I did before…. It’s just V7 doesn’t allow SHR HD to SSD upgrade one drive at a time. 😱 Which is dumb.

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