Can I Repair/Rebuild Without Installing a new HDD? (SHR-2 with 2/4 Drives Faulty)

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Can I Repair/Rebuild Without Installing a new HDD? (SHR-2 with 2/4 Drives Faulty)

Hi, I got a notice that 2 of 4 HDDs are "Degraded." DSM tells me I need to add another HDD in order for it to repair. RAID type is SHR-2. Here are some screenshots that I hope will help. I ran a test of the 2 faulty HDDs and they didn't show any errors. I'm still pretty new to this, but I thought SHR-2 had fault protection for failure of 2 Drives...?

I don't know what type of errors they are, or what caused it. The NAS is on a UPS, and I have not seen any errors related to the power supply (from the NAS, nor from the UPS feeding the NAS.)


Synology Error W 3-20-2024 web.jpgSynology Error 2 W 3-20-2024 web.jpgSynology Error 3 W 3-20-2024 web.jpg
SHR2 in this case means that your data is completely usable as the two remaining drives are fine. The note might be a bit misleading, but you will in the end need to replace both drives to bring your SHR2 to a normal state. Degrade mode, means no current redundancy and your array is in danger if another drive fails.

Replace both drives asap, ensure a valid backup, and repair the array once you replace drives 2 and 3.
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SHR2 working as intended. You are still up and in the OS to repair. I have had luck in this situation with removing the drive from the volume and letting it rebuild ( takes like a day ... ) The drive showed healthy after. Then repeating with the second drive, and after 2 days I had a healthy volume that did not give me any errors. By the time I got around to having Syno support help me they said perhaps the data was corrupted and the disk member errored out. Did not mean the physical drive was bad.

I learned that drive does not equal disk
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