Question Can I use Synology SHR with 2 different capacity drives?

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Question Can I use Synology SHR with 2 different capacity drives?

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Synology NVR1218 with WD 4TB Purple 5400 rpm already installed and working fine, but I'm going to add new drive WD Purple 1TB.

it’s technically possible
1. you will get RAID1 with total capacity of smaller of the HDD = 1TB
2. your disk group performance will be affected by slower of them
3. two diff disk drives with diff firmware to RAID1 is a call for troubles

then you have few options for capacity expansion:
- RAID0 and you will get 5TB in total. But you need take into consideration risk of data lose. Then a backup is your friend.
- two same HDDs into RAID1
- expansion box DX517 with next 5bays. But don’t make single large disk group across all the 7 bays. two independent is better.
If disk1 (the working disk) is 4TB (SHR), you cannot add a 1TB drive to that volume. You could only create a second volume containing the lone 1TB drive. You would need another 4TB drive (or larger) to combine with the existing SHR volume.

The salient bit is [my highlighting]...
For SHR: The capacity of the drive you intend to add must be equal to or larger than the largest drive in the storage pool, or equal to any of the drives in the storage pool.

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