Can I use WD Red SSD SA500 even if not on the compatibility list?

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Can I use WD Red SSD SA500 even if not on the compatibility list?

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I have a DS216j, for which I want to replace the HDDs with SSDs. So I would prefer the new WD Red SSD SA500, but they are not on the compatibility list for this DS. The SSD is listed for several other DS models, but not for the DS216j. Maybe the SSD is too new and the DS is too old for being already tested. May I buy it anyway?
DS216j delivers over 112.75 MB/s reading and 97.6 MB/s writing under RAID1
your mentioned SSD delivers 560/530 MB/s

when you need just SSD, purchase the lowest priced, because it will be still faster than your HW can do in DS216j
Thank you for you super fast reply! Yes, I just need SSD, and actually I have an offer where the WD Red SA500 are only about 10$ more than the cheapest Crucial MX500.
1TB. I use the DS216j as a backup DS for my 'main' DS218+. For the backup, 1 TB is enough for my needs. I was just wondering that - if you follow the compatiblity list - you will have difficulties in finding actual SSDs at reasonable prices. The only reasonable one is the Crucial MX200, which isn't available anymore, and seems to be replaced by the MX500, but this isn't on the compatibility list neither. So I guess the comp list will alwys be one step behind the actual markets.
The compatibility list only shows "tested" drives. If a drive is absent from the list, does not imply "incompatible". Realistically any drive may be used. Practically, use only NAS or Enterprise rated drives for longevity and stability.
1. never use SSD as backup media
2. Syno will never test all possible SSDs for all devices, specially for the low end range of “j” series. Because there is really quick change in market with SSDs.
When you like to use your NAS for the backup, what is ok, then purchase HDD.
OK, why not using SSD as backups? I am running a 5 minute job every 24 hours.
Yes, thought also that there are so many changes in the SSD market, so it's difficult to test every drive in every model.
I found this forum through Google...
SSDs, specially QLC and TLC have low lifespan, due to physics - you can read in this forum more - use search for these keywords
HDD will last 5-10 years and you will never see a speed decrease (in your NAS)

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Thanks for your replies... will create SHR volume instead.

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