Can nextcloud datafolder be shared with smb/samba?

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Can nextcloud datafolder be shared with smb/samba?


I have a nas with DSM 7 and nextcloud installed with docker.

Is it possible to use the same directory to be shared by nextcloud and samba to save storage space and having to sync the data?
Access the same data it both ways

Permissions, are the first thing that comes to mind...

Does anyone know how to do this?

Thank you
I am not sure what you are looking for exactly, as host-sides of volume mounts alway have to be on a shared folder. What's stopping you from accessing such a share via cifs/smb?

Just create a new share and use this new share as the host side of your volume mount...
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Many images provide a UID/GID mapping, which will be used to execute the process inside a container. I am not sure if the NC image provides that feature, but if it does, then why not put nc in the same GID as your user group and if it's just about a single user: doe the same with the UID?

Out of pure lazines, I run most of my containers uing the UID/GID of my personal user, and I have no problems to access files via cifs from folders designated as docker data folders.
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the user of next cloud is http:http but that's a system user and doesn't show on users. At least I don't know how

using the cli, I can see that the next cloud folder is owned by http

and I know that one of the things that the automation does, is automatically set the folder permissions to http.


I'm comfortable in adding the smb user to the http group, but not comfortable to do the reverse.

guess the only way this would work, is if I add the share user, to the http group. the worst that can happen, is the http user get a delay of 5 minutes to see a newly created file...

like this:

what do you think?
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Before you do any of that, can you share which exact image you are using?

Docker container use their own UID/GID, which may or may not allign with existing users of the Docker host. Appearently it uses the same UID/GID which the http user on the host uses. So instead of tinkering with groups, wouldn't it make more sense to start the container with the UID/GID that matches as specific user on your host that preferably should have access to the folder?
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