Can The restore process be automated?

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Can The restore process be automated?

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I was an administrator responsible for backups for a large corporation for 25 years and I am very impressed with Active Backup. Every backup package I have ever used or tested always has some caveat, especially when using it for bare-metal restores. I recently restore the boot drive on my laptop using a boot USB created media creator.
I am currently backing up a virtual windows 2012 server but as a PC ,not a virtual server. The reason is the non boot drives are huge and instead I am syncing them to the NAS. Because I always want to be able to restore this server in case of a disaster/virus etc, is there a way to make the bootable ISO created my media creator, automated so I can simply boot off of the ISO in a virtual machine in ESXi and have it restore the bootable drive (C drive in this case), with no input? That way I can setup a routine to power on the cloned server with just a boot drive and have it automatically restore to keep it in sync with the live server?
In other words, can the restore media be scripted to automatically login and restore? If not, it isn't that big of a deal to do it manually.
Yes. I am basically looking for a way to power on a virtual machine that only has the boot drive (C in this case), configured so it does a bare metal restore of the most recent backup of a specific virtual machine and then power off. I can't clone the C drive as the virtual machine has a dedicated PCI device configured for passthrough so snapshots don't work and because the other drives are very large, cloning the entire server would take too long as well as backing it all up with active backup. My recovery strategy which hopefully is never necessary, is to recreate the large drives on the cloned C drive virtual server, and then copy all of the data back from the NAS via the 10G direct connect NIC card.

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