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Cannot configure upload Folder

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Have just migrated to DSM 7 along with Synology Photo - really wish I hadn't!

I've had no end of problems connecting from internet but these are now resolved but I am left with 1 major problem, I cannot configure the upload folder - I apply all the settings, but it always defaults to a new folder it has generated in my Nas......... /Photo/Photo Library/2021/09....I have a folder where I have previously saved all my mobile photos and it will not save them there?

Anyone else experienced this and if so anyone found a work around?


not sure if you also use the iphone photos mobile app, but in that app, you should first go to the folder that you would like to store your photo.
Then choose the ... in the right upper corner and choose upload, the photo will upload in that particular folder.

if you upload via the apple photo folder, and upload from there, it will always end up in the wrong folder, as you indicated.

upload via dsfile is also working ok.
Thanks for the input EAZ1964! I fixed it. I checked the permissions of the folder through the NAS and found that it was only accepting Photostation read/write! Changed it to Admin and all good, but apreciate your input!



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