Question Cannot Expand SHR Storage Pool

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Question Cannot Expand SHR Storage Pool

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Following a critical HDD failure at the weekend, I decided that I would setup my DS415Play again with SHR rather than just single storage pools on each of the 4 disks that are installed. When I originally set up the DS415, I was testing various packages such as Plex so didn't pay much attention to how to set up the storage pools. Luckily I have multiple backups so very little data was lost and none of it critical.

So far I have installed 2 new 4TB disks and created a storage pool & single volume using SHR. I have copied the data from the third (existing) 4TB disk onto a backup drive, removed the storage pool and volume and attempted to expand the new pool to include this drive. The option to 'Add Drive' is greyed out.

As it stands Disk 1 & Disk 4 are flagged a 'Normal' and constitute Storage Pool 1 (SHR). Disk 2 is flagged as 'Initialized' and is the same size as both disks in Storage Pool 1. DSM shows it as an unused disk, not allocated to any Storage Pool. The Storage Pool also is flagged as having multiple volume support.

Having spent ages looking for an answer, the problem is usually that people are trying to add a drive that is smaller than the existing ones in the Storage Pool which of course mine is not. I am therefore at a total loss and all I can think of doing is removing all Storage Pools and starting from scratch which is a pain as it means waiting for a 4th new 4TB to turn up and still doesn't get to the bottom of why I can't do one of the basic functions that is supposed to make using DSM and SHR so useful.

Can anyone shed light on this?

Many thanks


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