Cannot login to Photos on daughters iPhone

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Cannot login to Photos on daughters iPhone

When she is outside our home network and over the cell network or public wifi, ddns works fine. Other members can do both.

All iOS and Apps are up to date.
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The Synology Photo App works everywhere, with every connection, with every device, except with her iPhone in the home network.
Ok that paints the picture and is a whole different area.

Do you only have one wifi network at home?

Is she on same wifi network as the rest of the users?

Forget the home wifi network on phone and re add it.
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possible solution here:

go into her iPhone, settings , privacy & security , local network, make sure photos app is turn on to access local network.
Ok. When she is remote and on wifi at another place, such as a relatives house, public wifi at Starbucks, college wifi etc, can she access synology photos from there using ddns?

When she is remote and out of your home network, confirming that over the cell network(s) she cannot hit ddns access to Synology photos? She has the same cell provider as you/other fam members that can access photos via ddns right?

Is her phone software and app software all up to date?

Ah another thing to check, go into phone settings and under cellular make sure the option to access photos app is allowed to access on cell
The last sentence helped me: in the Photos Mobile settings the local network was disabled, so I could not access it locally. Thanks for the hint, I had the same issue.

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