Can't create USB support with Restore Media Creator-2.2.0-1524(2074)

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Can't create USB support with Restore Media Creator-2.2.0-1524(2074)

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Hi Everyone,

I have to restore a windows 2012 R2 server. I checked my configuration with Synology support and they sent me a link to the restore media creator that fix raid issues. My server is configured with raid 1.

This is the version I'm supposed to use : Restore Media Creator-2.2.0-1524(2074)

Download link :

I can't create the support key. When "USB Media", is selected, it doesn't recognize any key. I tried with 10 different USB keys. Even with new USB Keys I jsut bought. Keys have a capacity of more than 1 GB.

I tried with an older version of the recovery media to see if he would detect the keys, but it's the same. Keys are well detected by windows and software like Lazesoft that also use WIN PE. I can create Lazesoft keys without any problems.

I contacted the support, but did not received an answear for that specific question.

Could it be a computer problem ?

This is the configuration of the PC


I finaly created the disk using the second method (command lines), but I'm not sure if the Synology Recovery Tool-x64-2.2.0-2074 I donwloaded fix the raid problems. It's not indicated in the release notes.

Does keys created with the second method boots correctly ? I will test today with the server.

Thanks for your help,

Best regards

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