Can't remove Mail sever - DSM 5.2

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Can't remove Mail sever - DSM 5.2

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I'm trying to fix my Zarafa installation.
For that I wanted to make a fresh clean install of all components.
After A few failed attempts I'm now ended up with a Mail Server app which is still in my App list and partially starting with an error message even it is not listed anymore in the Package Center. I actually uninstalled it from there. I also removed any related files via SSH connection. Also restarting the NAS didn't work.

Anybody any idea how I could fully remove that app so I can reinstalled it clean?

PS: Simply installing it again anyways and then trying to regularly uninstalled it via the Package Center is not working.
Hi Fredbert,

Thanks for your reply!

I installed and uninstalled it a couple of time before and it always seemed to work.
I just had the SMTP service running, but I never disabled it explicitly before uninstalling.
The uninstall was working before, but anytime I re-installed it all my settings we still there and my issues with Zarafa were not resolved. So I tried to completely remove the Mail server files. I belief I first uninstalled it via the Package Center and then manually searched for all the Mail server files via SSH and deleted them.
Apparently, this was not sufficient and I was quite surprised to still see the start icon of the Mail Server.
It starts and shows the UI, but one I selected anything with SMTP or IMAP/POP3.
Okay. I think we can close this one here.
Don't really have an answer yet, but I just again installed the Mail Server and continued to fix my Zarafa installation.
Just one problem let.
Will open another thread for it.

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