Question Can't resolve error: "The shared folder cannot be a backup source because it has been selected as a destination"

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Question Can't resolve error: "The shared folder cannot be a backup source because it has been selected as a destination"

DS218+ 8GB RAM, DS212
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Trying to set up a Hyper Backup from new DS218+ to existing DS212.

However, no matter which source folder I choose on the DS218+, I get the error:

The shared folder cannot be a backup source because it has been selected as a destination

I get this error no matter which folder I choose on the DS218+, even folders I am 100% sure I have never even touched, much less set up a backup to (like Plex and NetBackup, neither of which have ever been used.).

I've deleted all HyperBackup tasks except ones that backup from NAS folders to an attached USB drive. I have zero backup tasks pointing at the DS218+ from the DS212. There are no DS218+ folders mounted remotely on the DS212.

Any suggestions to troubleshoot this?

Hmmm...DSM updated to 6.2.x.x.x.x update 4 last night (was on update 3) and the problem appears to be gone now. Maybe it just needed a reboot or update/reboot to clear the cobwebs. Happy ending.
@fredbert - I am pretty embarrassed. What did I teach my family to do before EVER asking daddy to help them solve a problem w/their computers/the network!?!? ;-)

However, just so I'm not lonely for problems I have a new, equally fun problem (which I think I know how to solve.

See error dialog below, that appears when I try to save a backup task created by the admin account on the source NAS to back to the second target NAS. For purposes of discussion let's call the login ID on the source NAS NAS-Admin, and on the target NAS it's NAS-Admin2. When I create the backup task (Rsync copy, single version) I am blocked by the error dialog below.

2020-03-12 09_45_22-Missy - Synology DiskStation.jpg

Did some Googling, and evidently you can't do a backup to a folder on a target NAS that isn't owned by the same login ID that is creating the backup task on the source NAS.

Reference this thread:
Which references this thread:

From what I read I believe I'm going to need to change backup target folder ownership on the target NAS to a login that matches what I use on the source NAS. E.g., change folder ownership on the target NAS to NAS-Admin login ID.

Am I reading this right?
If you want to backup a NAS to another NAS, isn't using HyperBackup Vault a better idea?

@Shadow - I haven't used Hyperbackup Vault yet, but I wanted the backup to be a files/folders backup to the second NAS that my family can directly access from mapped drives on their laptops...they get flustered easily if I'm not around and things go wrong and they can't get to backups of their files in a normal way they are already used to.

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