Can't restart unit while logged in

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Can't restart unit while logged in

DS4l8play, DS202j, DS3623xs+, DSM 8.025847-𝘣𝘦𝘵𝘢
Weird day today. I opened Docker and the running processes tab was empty. At the time I had HyperBackup and Cloud Sync jobs running. Neither the CPU or RAM were being taxed. Total upload rate was 16MB/s. So I paused Cloud Sync and stopped Hyper Backup. Still no love for the Docker window. I went to Package Center thinking I would shut down and restart Docker, but Docker was shown as Shut Down (?) so I clicked Start. For the past 15 minutes, Docker has been "Starting...".

I decided to restart the NAS, but likewise, nothing happened. When I refreshed the browser Window all the NAS stuff appeared normal (except Docker which was still "Starting"). So I'm wondering... does a paused Cloud Sync prevent a restart? And if not... What's Next? (as I am typing this I am attempting a NAS shutdown w/Cloud Sync paused). There's no indication that that is working as a browser refresh returns me to the NAS Desktop.

Ideas? Should I yank the power cord?
Held down the power button... never beeped but after 10-15 seconds, everything went black. After pulling all cables/power for a minute, I hooked it all back and it restarted, and Docker is running and its GUI seems normal.

I'm curious why the Desktop restart and stop features had no effect. Spooky. #dodgedabullet
Is there a hard restart that clears out temporary caches?

On the iPhone (with home button, I don't have one without) holding down the home and power buttons until it reboots to the white Apple logo is the way to get stuff flushed out. On my iMac flushing SMC & PRAM happens by removing the power cable for 15 seconds (previous Macs it was a four finger keyboard salute during boot-up).

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